To support students who must now shelter at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we at the Santa Cruz Tech Exchange invite you to join us as we seek to provide computers at 50% off to those who otherwise do not have access to a computer.

K-12 Students in Santa Cruz County who demonstrate evidence of need, will be able to purchase a refurbished desktop computer with a 120 SSD, running either Windows 10, or ChromeOS (via Cloudready) with monitor, webcam, speakers, mouse and keyboard for $150 (normally $375) which can support Zoom conferencing and their schoolwork. Laptops under $400 are also available at 50% off the normal price. 

In order to make this program possible, we are asking the community for donations of older computer equipment or money through our Go Fund Me. Donations from the community will defray the total cost of parts (new SSDs, ram, batteries, webcams, speakers, accessories) and labor (to repair and refurbish) and allow this program to succeed! 

For equipment drop-offs, you can make an appointment by calling us at the Santa Cruz Tech Exchange, 831-600-8915, and schedule a curbside drop-off or pickup. For monetary donations, you can use this Go fund me to contribute. 

If you know someone who you would like to sign up for this program, please visit our website at www.santacruztechexchange.com and follow the links to Distance Learning. 

Please note, this is not currently a tax deductible donation since we are a business. We are simply hoping to help kids in our community.

Take Action

K-12 Tech-Kids Signup

Submit an application and supporting documents. We are currently only accepting families with a child in a local Santa Cruz county school. Students successfully signed up for this program are eligible to receive a refurbished computer at over 50% the normal retail price.


Donate money

Using the GoFundMe platform to help support this program. Monetary donations will be used to refurbish donated computers or to purchase lots of recycled computers that we can refurbish. Please not this is not a tax deductible donation. 


Donate Equipment

We accept donations of Mac and PC laptop computers from 2008 and above. Equipment will be repaired, upgraded, and refurbished and either used to fund the program or donated to a child in need. 

Arrange a donation