Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Day One Edition PS4

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Day One Edition PS4

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Gamers take control of 14 young warriors as they navigate the apocalyptic war for the land of Orience in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Orience is split into four nations, each heavily influenced by a crystal of power governing magic, weapons, shields, or dragons. The action begins when the weapon-based Militesi Empire attacks the other three nations in an attempt to unify the crystals under the control of its Imperial Marshall Cid Aulstyne, but in the Dominion of Rubrum the 14-member Class Zero uses their special ability to draw magic from their souls and repel the invaders.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is darker in tone than most titles in the long-running franchise, with characters roaming freely through the environments and engaging in violent real-time combat. Players head into battle with any three of the members of Class Zero, with each character named after a different playing card, and each possessing unique weapons and attacks. Gamers may switch between their three characters during combat, and fallen enemies drop a substance called Phantoma that can be used to replenish health, restore magic points, and upgrade skills across five different branches of magic.

Initially, players can only travel to set areas via airship, but eventually they will unlock a ship of their own that allows them to freely roam the open world map and take part in random encounters. When not in combat, gamers can purchase new items and equipment from merchants located around Orience, and the game does offer a bit of light-hearted action in the form of chocobo breeding. Originally a Japan-only PSP release, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD offers greatly enhanced visuals, a fourth difficulty level, and more magic, accessories, and costumes, while removing the multiplayer aspects of the handheld version.

This Day One edition includes the full original game as well as access to the Final Fantasy XV demo.