We offer about half of what items have been selling for on Ebay (check the sold and completed items).  If you have any questions, give us a call or send us a message anytime during normal business hours. 
(831) 600-8915
Here's a summary of what we buy:
  • Computers
  • Computer components and peripherals
  • MIDI controllers, Drum Machines, Synthesizers,  Microphones, and Audio Interfaces
  • Newer phones, tablets, and game consoles (in working condition)
*Please understand we are NOT obligated to purchase any item(s) at any time. Many factors are considered before we purchase any item(s). Any decision to purchase your item is made ONLY in store and in person. Your item MUST be evaluated in the store before ANY firm offer can be made to purchase your item(s). Please DO NOT pressure to value your item(s) over the phone! NO value can be placed on a physical item(s) without physical evaluation by a Santa Cruz Tech Exchange qualified technician or manager.   Thank You.